Class TimeStepEvent

  extended by jasi.sim.basic.value.AbstractSimValueType
      extended by jasi.sim.basic.value.AbstractComparableObject<Event>
          extended by jasi.sim.basic.event.AbstractEventBean
              extended by jasi.sim.basic.event.AbstractRepeatingEvent
                  extended by jasi.sim.user.model.sense.TimeStepEvent
All Implemented Interfaces:
Event, SimObject, ExtendedComparable<Event>, SimValue, java.io.Serializable, java.lang.Comparable<Event>

public class TimeStepEvent
extends AbstractRepeatingEvent

Change the movement of a simulation element.

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
TimeStepEvent(Time time, int priority)
          Constructor of a next location element for archive.
TimeStepEvent(Time step, Time time)
          Constructor of a next location element.
Method Summary
 void repeat()
          Repeat this event.
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Constructor Detail


public TimeStepEvent(Time time,
                     int priority)
Constructor of a next location element for archive.

time - The time for the first track point.
priority - The event's priority.


public TimeStepEvent(Time step,
                     Time time)
Constructor of a next location element.

step - The event's time step
time - The time for the first track point.
Method Detail


public void repeat()
Repeat this event. The time to the next location is calculated and the event listener has to be added again.

Specified by:
repeat in class AbstractRepeatingEvent
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