Interface SimValue

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AbstractActivityBean, AbstractComparableObject, AbstractElementBean, AbstractEventBean, AbstractRepeatingEvent, AbstractSimValueType, ActivityEvent, AirplaneBean, AirplaneHandler, AirportBean, AirportHandler, Arc, BinaryRelation, BinaryRelationHandler, ComparableGeoObject, ComplexElement, ComplexElementHandler, Coordinate, Direction, FlightBean, FlightHandler, GeoObject, Id, LandEvent, Latitude, Line, LinearActivity, LinearMove, Longitude, MultiRelation, MultiRelationHandler, NextLocationEvent, SimpleEvent, SimpleMovingElement, SimpleMovingElementHandler, SimpleRepeatingEvent, Space, SpaceVec, Speed, SpeedVec, SphericalMove, StartEvent, StatusPrintEvent, StopMovementEvent, TFloat, Time, TimeStepEvent, TInteger, TString

public interface SimValue
extends java.io.Serializable

Interface for values, that provides a method to get its content. Implementing classes must provides a constructor with a String argument, so that the following condition is always valid: SimValueType a = ...; SimValueType b = new ...(a.toString()); assert(a.equals(b); // always true

Method Summary
 java.lang.String getContent()
          Get the content of this value.

Method Detail


java.lang.String getContent()
Get the content of this value.

Its content.