Package jasi.sim.basic

Basic simulation management.


Class Summary
AbstractSimArchive Base class for all simulation archives.
AbstractSimKernel Basic implementation of a simulation kernel based on the singleton design pattern.
SimProxy Proxy manager for observers/listeners of simulation state changes.

Exception Summary
CouldNotCreateObjectException An element could not be created.
SimulationAlreadyRunningException A simulation is already running.
SimulationException Exception during simulation.

Package jasi.sim.basic Description

Basic simulation management.

This package provides an abstract simulation kernel and utility classes for basic simulation management.

A simulation kernel application is created by extension of the SimKernel class and implementing a run-method like this:

Time end = ...;
Time current = startSimulation();
try {
    while (isRunning()) {
        if (current.isGE(end)) {
            break; // The requested end time has been reached
        current = continueSimulation(current, end);
} finally {

The simulation thread can be started and finished in the following way:

try {
} catch (InterruptedException e) {
} finally {